Monday, May 3, 2021


We knew as soon as we woke up it was going to be a long day on the road and we called it right.  The wind was unbelievable and we were driving right into it.  Trust me when I say it didn't take long to go through a tank of gas.

I've seen The Cross twice before from the highway stopping once.  I can't remember what's there if in fact I did stop.  With the wind factor Walt and I decided that we'll stop on the way back.

Not too far down the road we passed through this little town whose landmark had to be the leaning tower.

It was a dreary day but at least the traffic wasn't bad.

We arrived safely at LaVon's and Boss went nuts!  He remembered!  As soon as he got out of the truck he started sniffing as usual and within seconds he was practically pulling Walt off his feet trying to get to the front door.  Earlier I had asked LaVon to stay inside until we had a chance to walk Boss and she was watching him and as we got to the front door she opened it and he wagged his whole body as only Boss can.  He was all over LaVon and she was lovin' it.  It was several minutes before we had the chance to share hello hugs.

We settled in quickly and as soon as we were unhooked Walt and I headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things we needed.

LaVon made us a delicious one pot meal complete with iron skillet cornbread.  Mmmm,,Mmmm GOOD!

We had talked about a lot of things during dinner  and the subject of games we like to play came up.  After the kitchen was cleaned up and everything put away the cards and dice came out.  We all knew Farkle and we taught each other how to play a new game.  It was one in the morning before we left the table.

It's so good to see our friend again.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

 Goodbye New Mexico!  5/2/21

I was up and taking care of my Candy Crush fix at 7a.m..  After the stress of yesterday I decided to let Walt wake on his own.  He finally stirred at 8:30 which is unheard of for him.  We took our time and finally got on the road around 10.

Today we will leave New Mexico.  I am glad.  This has not exactly been a good time in this state.  Actually, we love New Mexico and there's still more of it we want to see, just not now, not this time.

Traffic was really light which was so welcomed after yesterday and this was a welcome sight too!

We weren't in Texas too awful long before we started seeing the windmills.  Miles after miles, windmill after windmill.

It was never-ending!

By eleven Walt realized he was hungry.  Since he had slept in he skipped breakfast in order to get on the road.  We saw a sign for Mickey D's and he was hungry for an egg McMuffin so we pulled off I-40.  Once again we couldn't fit under the drive through barrier so he chose to go inside.  That wasn't going to work for him because they only allow 5 at a time in and it was full.  This couple who was in the drive through and saw all this going on stopped and asked Walt what he wanted that they would get it for him.  WOW!  He reached into his pocket to give them money to pay for it and they said, "We have money, don't worry about it."  DOUBLE WOW!  He ended up with a cheeseburger because by the time they got up to the window it was 11:09 and breakfast was done at 11.  I thought to myself, "Oh please, don't let this be a repeat of yesterday."

We went through another time zone change so arrival at the campground for this evening is getting pushed further and further back.

I made arrangements for a space last night.  The first two places I called didn't have any openings.  The third place did and I was told that when we arrived we were to just "register" at the office and go find a place spot.  I was asked if we were Passport America members and when I said that yes, we are he said, "Ok, then its only $14 for you.  Alrighty then!

We've been in worse.  Not many worse but some.  Its only for one night.

We did take a walk after we got set up and saw the animals that are kept here.  First was this little donkey family.

Further out in the pasture were some llamas and several longhorn steer.  Too far away to get a good picture, besides they were all laying down with their backs towards the campground.

It was 94 degrees when we pulled into this campground.  It seemed like forever for the AC to do its job.  Now once the sun went down it cooled off quickly so it should be pleasant when we hit the road once again.

We've got one more long day before we reach our destination of Norman, Oklahoma.  Many of you familiar with the name LaVon.  We are going to visit her for several days.  When its time to go home we're going to take our time and we have some sights that we want to see and things we want to do.

Saturday, May 1, 2021


On the road again

Just can't to get on the road again 

The life we love is makin' new RV'n friends

and we can't wait to get on the road again

On the road again

Goin' places we've never been before

Seein' things we may never see again

And we can't wait to get on the road again

Our alarm was set for six this morning but we were up by 5:30.  I had hoped to be on the road no later than eight and we were both surprised  when we pulled away at 7:28.  Think we were anxious?

Boss nestled down into his favorite position before we hit the main highway.

Our first stop is Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The GPS told us it was 280 miles and 4 hours and a few minutes.   Oh great, with stops to stretch and walk Boss we should be pulling into our first stop no later than 1pm with the time change or so.   

In a PERFECT world!

Today's journey was anything but perfect.  Things started out well, we were in shorts and T's and even in that early morning we were comfortable.  We made it to I-40 and it wasn't long before the cruise control was set at 66 mph and we were singin' along to the oldies on the radio.

And then....

And then our day from hell started.  Rolling parking lot barely moving.  We made it up to 4 mph and we cheered!  Practically a standstill I tell ya!  This lasted for a good 30 minutes and we didn't know why.  Walt turned on the CB to see if we could hear the truckers discussing the hold up.  We heard lots of truckers but unfortunately there were all near us.  These guys were funny!  

PSA - If traveling with children do NOT get a CB!

When we got moving I shot a few scenery shots while still in Arizona.

Click to enlarge.

We were glad to see this sign!

Darn if we didn't get just into New Mexico and we hit another rolling parking lot.  This one too was about a half hour.  This is making for a long day!

We made a pit stop to top off the gas tank, a potty run for all of us, cold drinks and to just walk a bit.  

I saw this couple on bikes also taking a rest and couldn't help but notice their backpacks and the four saddlebags on each bike.  It didn't take long to figure out they were traveling.  I always like a human interest tidbit when I write so I grabbed the camera and headed towards them to get some info.  WELL,,,,let me just say that I could "smell" them long before I could see the whites of their eyes.  I stood a good ways away and asked where were they coming from.  They told me they stated in California, but they didn't say northern, central or southern and that they had been to Albuquerque and were on their way home via Flagstaff.  I asked if I could take their picture and was told flat out no.  Alrighty then!  On their way they went.

We were very happy to get gas while stopped.

We were glad to see that the rolling parking lot had rolled on down the road without us.  We had smooth sailing.

Tummies started rumbling and we realized that neither one of us had had breakfast and it was past our normal lunch time by now.  We pulled off the Interstate and looked for a McDonald's.  Hmmm,, can't get in there, we won't fit under the barrier by the drive through.  

Next stop, Burger King.  We Parked on a side street and walked to the fast food joint as we saw that their dining room was open.  Now New Mexico is still very much locked down.  Masks are mandatory everywhere.  Dining rooms are closed in most places.  We don't carry masks with us as we don't wear them and haven't for over a year now.  When we went into BK the young woman behind the plexiglass barrier asked us where our masks are.  I pointed out we were behind the barrier and she had one on so she was safe.  She started to say something and Walt said, "We don't wear them".  I started in with our order and she just gave up at that point.  Our Whopper Juniors were the pits anyway and the fries were cold.

Back on the road.

Our plan was to stay at the Kirtland Air Force Base Famcamp.  Our GPS took us to it and first gate we came to was closed.  As the was the next gate.  Finally, the third gate we went to was open and Walt parked us in the parking lot and I took our ID cards to the gate keepers.  They explained that this was not the gate we needed for the Famcamp.  After getting directions we were on our way once again.  We found the correct gate and once again I took our ID's to the gate keeper only to be told that Walt needed a Guest Pass.  We had never run into this before as my ID was enough to gain entry.   OK, so where do we go to get that?  Back to the gate we just left.  Now why didn't that gatekeeper tell us we needed a Guest Pass, she had both our ID's in her hands.  Total frustration for so many reasons at this point.  I pulled out my phone to find someplace else to stay when we saw the line waiting to get Guest Passes.  The closest was a KOA but  they wanted eighty eight bucks and change and its not even Balloon Fest!  Needless to say we kept looking.  I found another one called....

Well, when I called to see if they had availability and how much they cost we decided that was the place.  I got directions and I don't know if the person the other end gave me the wrong exit number, perhaps  thinking I was coming from the east and not the west or I just heard it wrong.  287 vs 281.  Anyway, we got lost.  Now this day is really slipping by us quickly, its been HOURS since we left Juniper Ridge!  We finally stopped at a store and asked if they knew where we wanted to go.  The fellow said he was new to the area but he THOUGHT it was ...... that's all I needed to hear.

I called the campground again and we were on the right road just had to go in the opposite direction for about 6 miles.

Wouldn't you know when we pulled up we both looked at each other and said, "We've stayed here before!"

Walt and I have quite the system in setting up and we get it done in short order.

Tomorrow Amarillo!


Friday, April 30, 2021

PACKIN' UP & HEADIN' OUT   4/30/21

(Arizona)  Today we brought the camper home and loaded it with everything we could POSSIBLY need for the next week to 10 days.  We don't know at this point how long we'll be gone.

 By five we were packed and ready to go with the exception of things we absolutely had to have for tomorrow morning.

I had closed down our kitchen on Thursday so I knew the only thing I was making for dinner was reservations.  Well, not exactly reservations but I knew we were going to a local restaurant (Sandi's) for dinner.

We had dinner with a new friend, Judy and her son Ken, who is visiting.  Judy just moved in and she bought the place from our dear friends, who we miss like crazy, Bob and Eydie.  We stopped to introduce ourselves a little over a week ago and we just  think the world of this sweet lady and we all hit it off immediately.  

Dinner over and back at home again we just puttered and asked the question "Did you put (fill in the blank)_________ in the camper yet?" ALOT!

We are so ready to hit the road.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Best Laid Plans  26 April 2021      

Well, so much for that.  Lousy weather and none of us had an RV that would hold five of us and Boss on a rainy afternoon while trying to play cards.  We all canceled out.

BUT,,,,,we have another trip planned and we'll be leaving this Saturday come hell or high water.

Stay tuned.

Monday, April 19, 2021

 April 19, 2021

Brought the travel trailer home today to see what was needed in it for our first camping trip of the year.

Food and clothes and we're good to go!  We'll be heading out in a few days.  We can't wait!   Lots of pictures to come!

Monday, March 29, 2021