Saturday, November 23, 2019


Four fifteen came much sooner than we wanted.  There was a definite chill in the air so we all dressed in jeans and sweatshirts and jackets too.

Soon after we arrived we figured out that we got here too early.  There wasn't a balloon to be seen!  We did see a couple of the trailers but they weren't even close to unloading.

We took notice of this really cool playground at the park where the mass ascension was to take place.

Wait for it....wait for it....

Walt is always a good sport when I want to take silly pictures.

The sun is finally starting to peak through.

 Balloons are finally starting to be inflated.

We started hearing rumblings that they may not take off.  Seems the winds are too strong up higher.  What a disappointment!

And then another started to inflate,,,,maybe it will be a go after all.

Nope, not gonna happen.  Its just too windy.

The Wells Fargo stagecoach did inflate but it didn't go anywhere.

Me, Walt and Shelly.

The crowd started leaving once the official word was given that they weren't flying.  We went for a ride around Yuma.

The River Walk.

This is Southern Pacific Engine 2521
1907 -1957

In its lifetime this engine logged 2.5 million miles hauling passengers and freight through the southern states.  It was a main-line hauler through Yuma for more than 40 years before it was replaced with a modern diesel engine.  The Southern Pacific Railroad donated the engine to the city of Yuma in 1957.

Late morning found me and Walt taking a jaunt into Mexico.  You know, your typical drug run.  Drugs for gout.  Drugs for blood pressure.  

We wandered up and down  the few safe streets where are all the shops are.

We bought a really pretty flower pot for only $10.00.

Further down the street we stopped in another store, an actual store, and bought this cross.  It price started at $30 and we paid $15.  This is made from a Teddy Bear Cholla and twine.

A view of the street.

The Pharmacy.

We had to wait in line for about a half hour to enter the States again.  It seemed no one was returning to the USA  empty handed.  We saw a LOT of pharmacy bags.

We spent the afternoon back at Bobby and Shelly's.  The Moon Glow is tonight and we're going to that.  Bobby and Shelly decided at the last minute that they were going to stay home so just the two of us went.

I'll tell ya up front.  It was a bust.  The wind was just slightly too much and the balloons had a hard time getting inflated.

We have decided that we are going to seriously think of going to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque next October.  

It was one busy day!

Friday, November 22, 2019

11.22.19 Arizona Yuma

Today the Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival starts.  This is why we're here.  This morning is a mass ascension but Walt and I  chose not to attend this one for two reasons.  First and foremost Shelly had to work today and couldn't go with us and secondly, we both knew we would never get up at the crack of dawn to go.

So we had a good day visiting with Bobby.  Walt also puttered around the camper and Boss had a great time exploring the yard.

When Shelly got home we set our plans for tomorrow morning.  We're getting up at 4:15 a.m.!  I can't remember the last time I got up at this hour ON PURPOSE!

Needless to say it was an early night!

Thursday, November 21, 2019


WHAT A NIGHT!   Strong winds, very strong winds!  RAIN!  We're talking torrential downpour, raining cats and dogs, a deluge!  Let's not leave out the thunder and lightning that kept waking us up.  The camper was definitely rockin' and rollin' with the wind.  None of us got much sleep and I for one can pretty much sleep through anything.  Not this night.

Lucky for us when we got home yesterday there was a break in the rain and Walt was able to get outside and get as much as he possibly could get done in getting us ready to roll this morning.

We pulled out of Lost Dutchman State Park around 9:30 and  this is how our day started.

 We had quite a drive to Yuma, a little over 200 miles and we knew we wouldn't get there until mid to late afternoon depending on traffic, wind and how many stops we made along the way.

We pulled into Bobby and Shelly's around three.  For those of you who didn't spend the summer in Juniper Ridge, Bobby and Shelly are former Delawareans too.  I met these two back in '05.  We met in an RV forum and then we met them at the beach one weekend when we were down.  Another couple we had met camping were also there and the six of discussed full time RV'ing over dinner.    As it turned out Bobby and Shelly were the first ones on the road.  This past summer they were in Juniper Ridge, right around the corner from our place.

They have a small home in Yuma and full hookups for their RV'ing friends.

See that brick fence?  Not once did Boss even attempt to jump over it and it certainly would have easy enough for him to do so.  Because he didn't, he had the run of the yard which he absolutely loved!

I took this picture, well, because I could.

After visiting with our hosts after dinner we called it an early night because of lack of sleep the night before  and the long haul today.  

It feels good to be back in shorts and tees and flip flops!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

11.20.19 ARIZONA A Long Overdue Visit

We were up and early this morning as Walt had a doctor's appointment at nine.  His appointment went well and luckily the doctor's office had the form we needed in house.  That saved us a bunch of time!

From Chandler we headed towards Casa Grande.  I've seen what I'm about to tell you about dozens of times, yet every time we pass this way I look for it.

This "space capsule" caused quite a stir back in February of 2017.  Many calls were placed with 911 about the space capsule, complete with parachute, that motorists on Interstate 10 saw on their morning commute.  Fear not!  We weren't invaded by aliens in this space craft.  In fact, its not a space craft at all but is a cement mixer painted to resemble a space craft.  Its art!  It was placed here by the artist with the farmer's permission.

We found the address we were looking for and I couldn't wait to knock on the door.  You see, I'm re-connecting with a dear friend that I haven't talked with in about two and half years.  The reason why doesn't matter, what matters is that we're both on the same page now and its all good.  

Me and Bonnie.  Friends again.

We bought a Traeger grill from Bonnie and we're here to pick it up and have a nice visit with my friend.  I've missed her....a lot!  She even got to meet Boss.

They haven't had any rain yet but it looked like they could at any time so it was time to move on.

Of course on the way back to Apache Junction we ran into rain and wind.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

10.19.20 ARIZONA More Errands

We were up bright and early this morning.  I don't know why, we just lazed around and watched TV.

Around eleven we decided we had better get this day started.  First stop, Lenscrafters so that I can get the sunglasses I bought in September adjusted so that I can wear them.  And also to get the glasses I sat on fixed.  We were in and out in no time at all.  Glasses fixed and adjusted.

Since we were in a mall I was able to pick up another Christmas gift.  A few more things and I'm done!

Next stop was Walmart.  Had to pick up some black tank deodorizer and that's all I have to say about that!  We also picked up some flannel shirts for Walt.  "George" brand flannels were on sale for $5!  We picked up four.  That knocks flannel shirts off my Christmas shopping list.

We were supposed to pick up a form from Motor Vehicle to take to Walt's doctor appointment.  Well, that didn't happen.  We forgot.

A few other stops for nit picky things and we headed back to the campground.  It was getting cloudy and we wanted to get home to be able to walk Boss before the sky opened up.

Monday, November 18, 2019

11/18.19 ARIZONA Trip to the Valley

We are back on the road!  Only for a week this time though.

The first part of the trip takes us to Apache Junction to our favorite campground in this area.

This is why we like this campground so much.  The view is outstanding.

We have several reasons to come to the valley this week.  One of the most important was to deliver a fishing pole.  This pole was custom made for Walt's brother Doug and was given to a close friend of this brother when he passed on.  When we were in Delaware recently we picked up the pole because this fellow had passed on also and his family wanted this pole to go back to the family.  So we picked it up and wrestled with this 12 foot pole that doesn't break down into shorter pieces.  Trying to find a place to keep it while traveling and then living in the camper with it was a true pain in the butt but this pole means a lot to Walt's nephew so we did what we had to do.  SO,,, we get to the campground and I hear,,,,well, what I heard wasn't important and not printable here,,,,Walt forgot the fishing pole at home.

Now when we left Show Low this morning it was a nice day.  A very nice day.  It was nice when we got to Apache Junction.  We got set up in our site and we then took off to go visit some friends, Jen and Glenn as we were invited for a lasagna dinner.  Jen made a delicious meal for us!    Many thanks Jen!  

After  a fun time with Jen & Glenn we headed home to the camper.  A busy day to be sure.



I'm going to keep a journal of our journey's right here on this blog.  Feel free to follow along.  As many of you know, I wrote a (nearly) daily blog for 10 years when I was a full-time RV'er.  

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We're back on the road!  Only for a week this time.  

This journey first takes us to Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction.  We'll be here three nights before we move to the next location.

After getting set up we went to friends Jen & Glenn's home for dinner.  It's always a good time catching up with good friends.

We've got two busy days ahead of us.