Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Derby Days - 2020

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The perfect day.  A more perfect day could not have been special ordered for Monday's Derby Days here in Juniper Ridge.  

Curry Brundrett brought this to the park and everyone, whether it was a golfer or spectator, was so glad he did.  I can't count the times I heard, "This is the most fun we've had all summer".  And it was.

Nineteen golfers gathered to have a "horse race".  Each golfer was given a "horse name" and each were given a song or a cheer when they were introduced.  It was asked that each golfer wear a costume.

The betting table was opened at 1:30 and the line was ready to place their dollars on their favorite horse to Win, Place or Show.  A total of $257 dollars was bet and every last cent was given back to the holders of the winning tickets,,, or,,,, to the horses if one won and no one bet on him or her.  Many thanks to Bruce Postel for not only working with Sharon Brundrett and Vickie Postel in running the betting table but for putting in hours figuring out the formula for paying out the winnings.


The golfers start to arrive to sign in, pay their entry fee and place their bets.

Spectators were encouraged to dress for the Derby too.  It was so cool that many of them did!

This pretty lady went shopping at the thrift shops and got this outfit for a steal!

At quarter to three the horses were called to post with trumpet playing First Call.  We started the opening ceremonies with the singing of The Star-Spangled Banner.  

It was time to start the race and the introduction of the horses.

Many thanks to Vickie Postel for the hours she spent getting the music just right.  Much fun was had during rehearsals and certainly the day of.  Thanks to all the "singers",  and I use that term loosely,  for having....well, for having the nerve.  Many thanks to Vickie Postel, Sharon Brundrett, Rosemary Howell, Kathy Glumbick, Jill Newland, Janet Nardeccia and Snookie Quinn.  

  Following are the golfers, his or her "horse name" and the song or cheer that they were introduced with as they took to the tee box.  I've included the song or cheer here. I don't have pictures of all the golfers as I didn't always have my camera in hand.

1) Mark Ball - Great Balls of Fire  (sung to Great Balls of Fire)
    You shake my nerves but it does't work
    I drive my ball so far on the turf
    It's of sight but what a thrill    
    Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!

2) Judy Bitz - Little Bitz  (Judy in Disguise)
    Judy on the course, she's gonna tee it up
    Hitting to the green,,,,it's going in the cup
    She might be a little Bitz, but she'll kick       your ass
    With glasses