Sunday, June 28, 2020

Back to the Valley 6.28.2020

Before we get started here I want to remind you that you can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them.

We were on the road this morning at 8:10.  An early start like we planned..... for once.  We were packed as much as we could be yesterday since we knew it was going to be hot in the valley and the weatherman nailed it today.  It topped out at 103.  We haven't even looked to see what tomorrow brings.

As usual, Boss was sound asleep after the first ten minutes on the road.

This was not the trip we wanted to make for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost Walt's surgery.  That's not ever anything to look forward to in my book.  They always involve a needle if you know me you know I don't do needles.  Walt isn't crazy about them either but he isn't a wuss like me.  Yeah, I admit it.

The second reason is the Bush fire.  We weren't looking forward to seeing the devastation of the landscape of the road we are so familiar with.  I'm sure you've heard of the fire no matter where you are reading this.  This fire has taken 186,000 acres and its the 5th largest fire in Arizona's history.

What stuck out the most was the stark difference of what we are used to and what we see now.  Heartbreaking, just heartbreaking.

The mountain was just black.

We thought this was a hot spot but then soon realized it was a dust devil.

The last time we came down here, a few weeks ago, this area was absolutely lush with greenery.

This was just all so hard to look at.

We are at Lost Dutchman State Park again.  Its our favorite.  Of course its the only state park we've been in.  Check in is normally at 3 p.m. I think.  We arrived at 11 but out of 134 campsites a whole 7 are occupied and one of those the occupant happens to work here.

This is the view from our windows.

Our view from the toi...bathroom.

Sitting under our awning.

Colors change as the sun starts to go down.

As I write this, it is 8:50 p.m..  I checked and its still 95 degrees outside with a whopping 13% humidity.

Being too hot to sit outside and not having any errands to run today we just spent the time inside watching old TV shows.  Nell, Webster, Benson and several others.  Show we had forgotten about.

As we sat there we couldn't help but notice how BROWN everything is.  We have to decided we are going to change it.  We are going to paint the boring brown cabinets and either paint the walls or put up peel and stick wallpaper.   I follow several RV sites online and making your campers truly yours is all the rage right now.  We just want the brown gone.  I've seen some where the ENTIRE interior is painted white.  Yes, the campers look bigger and nice and bright but its too stark for us, we need color.  When we get started I'll share that journey here.

We'll call it an early night since we have to be in Phoenix by 6:30 tomorrow morning.  That's a killer time to be up and out and about but its easier for Walt to get this over with first thing because his first cup of coffee has to wait.

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  1. Always hate seeing the destruction caused by Fire.
    Wishing Walt only the best with his Surgery.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.