Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Our First Trip This Year

June 7 - June 11, 2020

Our first trip in the camper this summer didn't take us far at all.  We're in Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction.

We are going to be here for the next few days for medical reasons for both of us.

The first thing we noticed besides this state park being all but empty is our view as we sit under the awning of the camper.  This park backs up to the Superstition Mountains.

This is not hard to take at all.

This is another view of this mountain as we drove around the park.  

The sites are all paved which we like.  There are no campfires allowed right now because everything being so dry.  Not that we would want a fire this time of year.  

When we arrived here it was in the high 80's much cooler than we anticipated.  Yes, high 80's and we thought of it as "cooler" for being the desert.

After we got set up in our site we made a run to the store for things like mustard that we forgot.  Actually, we talked about the mustard and I guess we each thought the other was putting it in the camper.  All in all we didn't forget much.

We were able to put our garden flag out.  This one is personalized with our names and town.

We settled in early since we were going to be getting up at the ungodly hour of 4:30 a.m..  

Today, Monday, Walt is having his leg roto-rootered.  He's been having pain in his hips and its getting difficult for him to walk any length of time or distance.  Having two titanium rods and a box of screws in his back he's already seen his back surgeon to make sure there were no problems with that.  They suggested the visit to the vascular surgeon.  Since Walt had this done two years ago he is already established with this doctor.  They found some plaque buildup in the scans he had done a few weeks ago and thought it could be contributing to his problem.  

We were both under the impression that it was just the one leg and were surprised to hear that we are coming back in three weeks to do the other one.

The operation went well and we were back home by noon.  We hung around all afternoon and just enjoyed the view and the beautiful weather.

Boss especially enjoyed it.

We noticed that the saguaro cactus are in bloom while we sat out for a while Tuesday morning.

Tuesday was the day for errands.  The shopping opportunities are so much better in the valley than in Show Low so we take advantage of it while we're here.  We had 6 stops to make before we had to be at our 2 p.m appointment.

Walt & I are doing a sleep study tonight in the camper.  We had to meet with the fellow at the sleep study center to get the equipment and instructions.  Neither one of us is looking forward to it but since we both have problems with sleep it was time.  I'm tired of telling him to BREATHE!  and I can't seem to be able to sleep through the night..

We picked up subs from our (Delaware) hometown favorite, Capriotti's.  A true taste of home.  This is what makes the trip to the valley worthwhile.

Since this day was so busy it wasn't surprising that shortly after 9 p.m. we were getting this new sleeping apparatus on and making sure all green lights were flashing.  I thought for sure it would be miserable with this belt around me and the plastic tubing up my nose and that thing on my finger but I was so tired I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.  Walt said it was the same for him.

Wednesday morning it was time for our yearly physicals.  I'm proud to announce that our doctor said my EKG was textbook perfect!  Blood pressure was 121 over 70.  I'm good to go!  Until the blood work comes back that is.  Then I'll get that phone call that tells me my cholesterol is too high, my triglycerides are through the roof and I'm pre-diabetic.  I've been hearing it for years.  I really must train myself to actually take the prescriptions I get filled.

We had to get the sleep study equipment back before noon so that was our next thing to mark off our to do list.  We'll have a telephone conference with the man we've met with here next week to get our results.  We are both hoping C-Paps are not in our future.

We had a few more errands to run before we headed home.  Thank heavens Boss loves riding in the truck.   He's just happy to be with his peeps.

While waiting for our steaks to cook on the grill we watched the birds play in the cactus.

After dinner we rode all around the campground looking for the perfect site for when we come back in three weeks.  We'll see if its as good as we think it is.

We caught the sun going down this evening.

We are so ready to be home again.

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  1. Kathy's been using a CPAP for Sixteen Years and I've been using mine for Thirteen Years. By setting up a Pure Sine Wave Inverter we've spent months boondocking off the grid for a few winters so we were never left gasping for air any time. The main thing is you know that you'll keep breathing through the night.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your camping.

    It's about time.