Monday, May 3, 2021


We knew as soon as we woke up it was going to be a long day on the road and we called it right.  The wind was unbelievable and we were driving right into it.  Trust me when I say it didn't take long to go through a tank of gas.

I've seen The Cross twice before from the highway stopping once.  I can't remember what's there if in fact I did stop.  With the wind factor Walt and I decided that we'll stop on the way back.

Not too far down the road we passed through this little town whose landmark had to be the leaning tower.

It was a dreary day but at least the traffic wasn't bad.

We arrived safely at LaVon's and Boss went nuts!  He remembered!  As soon as he got out of the truck he started sniffing as usual and within seconds he was practically pulling Walt off his feet trying to get to the front door.  Earlier I had asked LaVon to stay inside until we had a chance to walk Boss and she was watching him and as we got to the front door she opened it and he wagged his whole body as only Boss can.  He was all over LaVon and she was lovin' it.  It was several minutes before we had the chance to share hello hugs.

We settled in quickly and as soon as we were unhooked Walt and I headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things we needed.

LaVon made us a delicious one pot meal complete with iron skillet cornbread.  Mmmm,,Mmmm GOOD!

We had talked about a lot of things during dinner  and the subject of games we like to play came up.  After the kitchen was cleaned up and everything put away the cards and dice came out.  We all knew Farkle and we taught each other how to play a new game.  It was one in the morning before we left the table.

It's so good to see our friend again.

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