Saturday, November 23, 2019


Four fifteen came much sooner than we wanted.  There was a definite chill in the air so we all dressed in jeans and sweatshirts and jackets too.

Soon after we arrived we figured out that we got here too early.  There wasn't a balloon to be seen!  We did see a couple of the trailers but they weren't even close to unloading.

We took notice of this really cool playground at the park where the mass ascension was to take place.

Wait for it....wait for it....

Walt is always a good sport when I want to take silly pictures.

The sun is finally starting to peak through.

 Balloons are finally starting to be inflated.

We started hearing rumblings that they may not take off.  Seems the winds are too strong up higher.  What a disappointment!

And then another started to inflate,,,,maybe it will be a go after all.

Nope, not gonna happen.  Its just too windy.

The Wells Fargo stagecoach did inflate but it didn't go anywhere.

Me, Walt and Shelly.

The crowd started leaving once the official word was given that they weren't flying.  We went for a ride around Yuma.

The River Walk.

This is Southern Pacific Engine 2521
1907 -1957

In its lifetime this engine logged 2.5 million miles hauling passengers and freight through the southern states.  It was a main-line hauler through Yuma for more than 40 years before it was replaced with a modern diesel engine.  The Southern Pacific Railroad donated the engine to the city of Yuma in 1957.

Late morning found me and Walt taking a jaunt into Mexico.  You know, your typical drug run.  Drugs for gout.  Drugs for blood pressure.  

We wandered up and down  the few safe streets where are all the shops are.

We bought a really pretty flower pot for only $10.00.

Further down the street we stopped in another store, an actual store, and bought this cross.  It price started at $30 and we paid $15.  This is made from a Teddy Bear Cholla and twine.

A view of the street.

The Pharmacy.

We had to wait in line for about a half hour to enter the States again.  It seemed no one was returning to the USA  empty handed.  We saw a LOT of pharmacy bags.

We spent the afternoon back at Bobby and Shelly's.  The Moon Glow is tonight and we're going to that.  Bobby and Shelly decided at the last minute that they were going to stay home so just the two of us went.

I'll tell ya up front.  It was a bust.  The wind was just slightly too much and the balloons had a hard time getting inflated.

We have decided that we are going to seriously think of going to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque next October.  

It was one busy day!

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