Friday, September 22, 2023

We Obviously Aren't 20 Anymore

 As fast as we were moving today you would think that we DID pack the entire house and ran a marathon too!  I guess all the packing, running down the steps from the house and then up the ones to the camper, back and forth, back and forth, the drive here and not being in our super comfortable bed took its toll because sloths would have been faster getting their butts in gear than we were this morning!  Nope, we're not 20 anymore and today we were feelin' it.

So after sleepin' in, a leisurely breakfast, getting ready and walking Abby, we were finally ready to go exploring.

Today we took a nice slow ride on Johnson Canyon Road.  The speedometer certainly matched our energy level today.

I think I could travel this road every single day and never take the scenery for granted. 

We had a paper we had picked up at the Visitor's Center that gave pictures of what to look for and what mile mark they would be at.

One of the first was the Lion Head.

A closer look.

I have to say, this was a little bit difficult to find because the trees had grown so much since the picture on the glossy, tourist paper was taken.  They were mere bushes then.

Another "attraction" had deteriorated by leaps and bounds when trying to look for what was pictured.  These buildings or should I tell like it is and say "these piles of wood" were once the set of the long running TV show Gunsmoke.

This one was the best of the bunch.

I'll take a chance and say this is where Miss Kitty hung out.

The chimney still stands.

You'll never guess the name of these mountains in the distance.  The White Mountains!  We live in the in the White Mountains in Show Low!

Absolutely  gorgeous!

Breathtaking scenery!

I feel bad for anyone who travels this road on a daily or near daily basis and doesn't SEE this anymore.  I just don't think that would happen to me.

We thought we would take this dirt road to see where it went.  Well, that idea didn't last long at all.  Right beyond this bend were very deep ruts.  Though we have 4WD our truck is just too nice to put it through that.

Walt took this time to take Miss Abby for a walk.

After running the length of the Johnson Canyon Road and back again we took a ride through the town of Kanab.  

We found out earlier in the day that we forgot to bring mayonnaise.  I had the biggest jar they make at home but that one is just too much for the camper fridge.  I was supposed to buy the smallest jar they had and forgot to get it before we left home.  So off to Honey's Supermarket we go.  Now this supermarket was decked out for Halloween like you wouldn't believe!  I wanted to go back out to get my camera but the battery was dead anyways.  So we find the mayo and were SHOCKED!  It was on sale for $6.59 and the original price was $8.49!  For mayo!   At home it sells for $4.98 in Walmart for that size.  This led me to check out a few other things that I was sure of the price back home.  This place is expensive!  Did I mention gasoline is $4.39 a gallon here?

There's a tear-drop camper next to us.  It looks like a little egg.  Every bit of 12 feet in length.  Well, the fellow who owns it is here on vacation from Oregon.  His lady friend is staying in her Class B van on the other side of him.  I was really curious about this itty bitty camper because I had taken notice of all the hoses and cords and no idea how all the things they go to FIT!  When he returned today from his hike I went out and asked him about it.  He was very happy to give me the grand tour.  I was simply amazed.  The back lifted up to reveal a full service kitchen including microwave.  The inside of the camper was a bed.  That's it.  A bed.  A little bit of storage and a TV hung on the wall.  No bathroom, no closet, no drawers but there a shelf with netting in front of it so things didn't fall out.  Compact.  VERY compact.  I couldn't do it.  Well, maybe for one night, but that's it.

We took a walk around the campground and then settled in to get dinner ready.

It was a relaxing day and we needed this.

Another adventure tomorrow.

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