Tuesday, November 19, 2019

10.19.20 ARIZONA More Errands

We were up bright and early this morning.  I don't know why, we just lazed around and watched TV.

Around eleven we decided we had better get this day started.  First stop, Lenscrafters so that I can get the sunglasses I bought in September adjusted so that I can wear them.  And also to get the glasses I sat on fixed.  We were in and out in no time at all.  Glasses fixed and adjusted.

Since we were in a mall I was able to pick up another Christmas gift.  A few more things and I'm done!

Next stop was Walmart.  Had to pick up some black tank deodorizer and that's all I have to say about that!  We also picked up some flannel shirts for Walt.  "George" brand flannels were on sale for $5!  We picked up four.  That knocks flannel shirts off my Christmas shopping list.

We were supposed to pick up a form from Motor Vehicle to take to Walt's doctor appointment.  Well, that didn't happen.  We forgot.

A few other stops for nit picky things and we headed back to the campground.  It was getting cloudy and we wanted to get home to be able to walk Boss before the sky opened up.

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