Thursday, November 21, 2019


WHAT A NIGHT!   Strong winds, very strong winds!  RAIN!  We're talking torrential downpour, raining cats and dogs, a deluge!  Let's not leave out the thunder and lightning that kept waking us up.  The camper was definitely rockin' and rollin' with the wind.  None of us got much sleep and I for one can pretty much sleep through anything.  Not this night.

Lucky for us when we got home yesterday there was a break in the rain and Walt was able to get outside and get as much as he possibly could get done in getting us ready to roll this morning.

We pulled out of Lost Dutchman State Park around 9:30 and  this is how our day started.

 We had quite a drive to Yuma, a little over 200 miles and we knew we wouldn't get there until mid to late afternoon depending on traffic, wind and how many stops we made along the way.

We pulled into Bobby and Shelly's around three.  For those of you who didn't spend the summer in Juniper Ridge, Bobby and Shelly are former Delawareans too.  I met these two back in '05.  We met in an RV forum and then we met them at the beach one weekend when we were down.  Another couple we had met camping were also there and the six of discussed full time RV'ing over dinner.    As it turned out Bobby and Shelly were the first ones on the road.  This past summer they were in Juniper Ridge, right around the corner from our place.

They have a small home in Yuma and full hookups for their RV'ing friends.

See that brick fence?  Not once did Boss even attempt to jump over it and it certainly would have easy enough for him to do so.  Because he didn't, he had the run of the yard which he absolutely loved!

I took this picture, well, because I could.

After visiting with our hosts after dinner we called it an early night because of lack of sleep the night before  and the long haul today.  

It feels good to be back in shorts and tees and flip flops!

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