Monday, November 18, 2019

11/18.19 ARIZONA Trip to the Valley

We are back on the road!  Only for a week this time though.

The first part of the trip takes us to Apache Junction to our favorite campground in this area.

This is why we like this campground so much.  The view is outstanding.

We have several reasons to come to the valley this week.  One of the most important was to deliver a fishing pole.  This pole was custom made for Walt's brother Doug and was given to a close friend of this brother when he passed on.  When we were in Delaware recently we picked up the pole because this fellow had passed on also and his family wanted this pole to go back to the family.  So we picked it up and wrestled with this 12 foot pole that doesn't break down into shorter pieces.  Trying to find a place to keep it while traveling and then living in the camper with it was a true pain in the butt but this pole means a lot to Walt's nephew so we did what we had to do.  SO,,, we get to the campground and I hear,,,,well, what I heard wasn't important and not printable here,,,,Walt forgot the fishing pole at home.

Now when we left Show Low this morning it was a nice day.  A very nice day.  It was nice when we got to Apache Junction.  We got set up in our site and we then took off to go visit some friends, Jen and Glenn as we were invited for a lasagna dinner.  Jen made a delicious meal for us!    Many thanks Jen!  

After  a fun time with Jen & Glenn we headed home to the camper.  A busy day to be sure.

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