Wednesday, November 20, 2019

11.20.19 ARIZONA A Long Overdue Visit

We were up and early this morning as Walt had a doctor's appointment at nine.  His appointment went well and luckily the doctor's office had the form we needed in house.  That saved us a bunch of time!

From Chandler we headed towards Casa Grande.  I've seen what I'm about to tell you about dozens of times, yet every time we pass this way I look for it.

This "space capsule" caused quite a stir back in February of 2017.  Many calls were placed with 911 about the space capsule, complete with parachute, that motorists on Interstate 10 saw on their morning commute.  Fear not!  We weren't invaded by aliens in this space craft.  In fact, its not a space craft at all but is a cement mixer painted to resemble a space craft.  Its art!  It was placed here by the artist with the farmer's permission.

We found the address we were looking for and I couldn't wait to knock on the door.  You see, I'm re-connecting with a dear friend that I haven't talked with in about two and half years.  The reason why doesn't matter, what matters is that we're both on the same page now and its all good.  

Me and Bonnie.  Friends again.

We bought a Traeger grill from Bonnie and we're here to pick it up and have a nice visit with my friend.  I've missed her....a lot!  She even got to meet Boss.

They haven't had any rain yet but it looked like they could at any time so it was time to move on.

Of course on the way back to Apache Junction we ran into rain and wind.

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