Friday, September 27, 2019


Wow! Are we ever tired! I guess after packing up, driving for 7 hours and then setting up took its toll. It seems like yesterday that we would have done all this and then gone out and partied to all hours. Oh how times have changed.

We spent the day with Bev, Walt's sister in law and took some time to mark the the calendar with upcoming plans and make a list of some of the things we need to get done while here. How long are we going to be in Delaware? We don't know as of yet but I would imagine around 10 days or so.

Back in the day, when Walt and I dated when we were teens this was a small town. The main roads were Main Street and Broad Street. Walt lived on Main Street. The population in 1970 was just over 2,000, in 2017 it was close to 23,000. People from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania are moving here like crazy. Back then there was one grocery store, now there's at least a half dozen. At one time you had to travel to Dover or Wilmington (a half hour either north or south) to shop in a Sears or Penny's or a store of that type. Not anymore. We literally have to use our GPS to go to places we used to know like the back of our hand. The town has grown so much.  Not such a good thing according to the ones who have lived here forever and a day.

This used to be all farmland. In fact, today if you talk to someone who grew up here and you tell them to go to an address in a new housing development (and they are dozens!) the first thing they are going to ask is "What farm is that?"

The traffic is unbelievable. We have both said that we couldn't live here again.  But it sure is good to be home for a little while.

So today we rested.

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