Monday, September 30, 2019


After the weekend activities we had to sit back and take care of things around the house.  Laundry had to be caught up, bills needed to be paid, Walt washed the travel trailer and truck and we spent time playing with Boss.

Monday evening we went to Walt's stepson's, (Lyle) home to visit. We got quite a surprise there too! Lyle called his 14 year old son to the kitchen and told him he wanted to show us "the trick".

Let me first explain that Roman is autistic. So they proceeded with the trick. Lyle brought up calendars on his phone and then said to Roman, "The year is 2005 and the month is January. What day of the week was the 19th? Within seconds Roman responded, "That was a Wednesday." We were amazed. He did another one and again Roman was quick and right.

I asked Lyle how this came about that he knew he could do this. He said that about a month ago Roman wanted to see a show on TV from 2004 and Lyle has the ability with his system to bring that up. Roman proceeded him to tell him that the show started on a particular date and a few seconds added that it was a Monday. Lyle didn't think anything of it at that particular moment but did think about it a little later.

He quizzed Roman and again Roman was correct with his answer. They have tried several more dates and sure enough he was correct. They have even gone as far back as calendars from the 1600's. Roman has never been wrong! So we tried one more. The year was 2009. Roman was asked to tell his dad what months had Saturday's that fell on the 28th of the month. In just a few seconds he answered, "February and March." Lyle, Walt and I are all looking at each in amazement when he said, "And November." We all turned back to Lyle's phone to look and sure enough, he got it and we missed it! Lyle said they are going to teach him to count cards!

It was wonderful visit with Lyle and his family and quite an amazing one to boot!

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